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Today’s title seems really shocking, but it’s totally true. Because we don’t use those five minutes more than we all stay tossing and turning in bed to exercise and tone our bodies.

Today we propose some simple and fun exercises that will provide us with the necessary energy to face the day.


1-Lie on your stomach with your legs straight. Place your hands on the bed at shoulder height with your elbows back.

2-Take a breath and stretch your arms while raising your trunk until you make a slight curve with your back. Return to the starting position and perform two sets of 10 exercises each.


1-Lie on your back and extend your arms above your head. Then, stretch your legs and bring them together.

2-Slightly lift your trunk, bend your legs and hug them, then gently release them by returning to the starting position and perform three sets of 10 exercises each.

3. LEG LIFT  leg lift

1-Lie on the right side and put your elbow on the mattress with the right hand extended in front and the arm aligned with your shoulder, then extend your left arm with the fingertips toward the ceiling.

2-Stretch your legs and slightly raise your hips. Then move your left leg up and down. We will do this exercise 10 times on each side.

column stretch


1-Lie on your back, stretch your arms on the mattress above your head.

2-Pass the right leg over the left and slightly bend the trunk to the left. Stay five seconds in this position and do the same on the other side. Repeat the exercise three times on each side.

 stretch 5. STRETCHES

1-Lie face down and stretch your arms forward. Raise your arms and legs in a small arch with your back.

2-Maintaining this position we will move at the same time, the left leg and the right arm upwards, and the right leg and the left arm downwards. We will perform two series of 10 exercises each one alternating legs and arms.

We hope you like them.