Considering that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it seems like more than enough reason for our bed to be a nice, warm and cozy place. From mattresses Sueñoss we want to give you the keys to choose a mattress that suits your tastes and also helps you overcome these cold months.

The mattress Lisboa offers you the technology of the Omnitemp and the Coolgraph thus converting on a very complete mattress.

Below we explain what these two materials are and why they are so special.

Omnitemp is a viscoelastic material specifically formulated to have a soft and luxurious touch, without sacrificing performance and durability. This product was engineered to have an exceptionally low glass transition temperature, resulting in high pressure relief capabilities across a wide range of low temperatures. For this reason Omnitemp will never harden in a cold room and will maintain the comforting and relaxing feeling in a wide range of temperatures. The thermal conductivity of Omnitemp is achieved by the rapid transfer of heat through this polymeric structure together with a very open cell structure and thus effectively channeling excess heat towards the decompressed parts of the mattress from where it can escape by convection. < / p>

The Coolgraph is a graphene-infused viscoelastic solution, which offers a large increase in thermal conductivity by combining open cells of a high air flow visco with superconductivity at hot air. The polymer structure of each open cell increases the air flow by 95%, producing a breathable foam with superior conductivity to hot air. The incorporation of the hyperconductive graphene, a component that processes ten thousand times more thermal conductivity compared to foam, directly affects the increase of the conductivity of the visco.

The specific characteristics of these two products therefore make the mattress warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition to the mattress, the other elements that make up our bed are also important, such as the bedding we use, in this case cotton is one of the star fibers in the textiles used for the home as it is soft, comfortable and highly breathable. Regarding bed covers, duvets are the most popular today, since they combine insulating, thermal and comfort properties.

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