Omnitemp, a new memory foam that favors pressure-free rest. "Omnitemp is the end of the feeling of hardness in a memory foam mattress during winter" The comfort of our mattress is affected by changes in temperature. Omnitemp is the first memory foam that maintains your comfort regardless of the temperature at which it is.


  • Cell completely open
  • Excellent air flow
  • Good mechanical characteristics
  • Optimized recovery time
  • It does not suffer alterations of the hardness properties at low temperature
  • Viscoelastic with low TG (glass transition temperature) optimized
  • High industrial processing throughout the year.

What makes it different?

Its fundamental principle is a low TG (glass transition temperature), which allows the ability to maintain comfort regardless of the outside temperature.

No change in its properties even at low temperatures.

What exactly is the glass transition temperature?

It is the characteristic temperature of a material in which it becomes hard (vitreous), losing its basic properties and its elasticity. It is the interval of time where the foam loses some of its viscoelastic behavior, since it remains rigid and hard.Omnitemp is a memory foam material specifically formulated to have a soft and luxurious touch, without sacrificing its performance and durability. It is designed to have a very low glass temperature (ability to harden), which means a high pressure relief capacity over a wide range of low temperatures. For this reason the Omnitemp memory foam will never harden in a cold room and will maintain a comforting and relaxing sensation in a wide range of temperatures. Omnitemp is based on a conductive polymer technology that allows obtaining a higher porosity, and thus produce open-cell, breathable and odorless materials with a higher heat flow dissipation capacity. The fact that the Omnitemp memory foam does not harden in winter ensures an equal rest all year round.